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What color modes are supported by SightLine?

Lab and RGB.


Which Adobe Photoshop versions are supported?

SightLine currently supports only x64 versions. 32-bit versions are not supported.

Versions for Windoiws: CS4, CS5, CS5.1, CS6, CC, CC2014 - CC2020.


What Windows versions are supported?

Windows 10 x64 build 2004.


What screen resolution is recommended?

1920x1080 or higher.


What maximum image size is supported by SightLine?

No limit.


Does SightLine support Photoshop actions and scripting?



Does SightLine contain its own presets?



What bit depth per channel image is supported?

8 and 16 bits per channel.


Does SightLine support preview modes like Proof Colors and Gamut Warning?

Yes in Lab color mode. You can view results of correction in the plugin preview window with target color space and profile.


Does SightLine support layers?



Does SightLine support layer opacity and layer mask opacity in its preview window?



Does SightLine support multi-core CPU's and multiprocessor systems?



What is Lch color space?

This is a cylindrical representation of Lab color space.

Read more about Lab and Lch in Wikipedia article.


Colors in my images changed after conversion from Lab color space to RGB or CMYK. Why?

Because Lab color space has larger gamut than RGB or CMYK.

Read more about gamuts in Wikipedia article.



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